48 thoughts on “Rock House (Trailer)

    1. From a strictly legal point of view this is entirely Tim Heidecker’s decision. And, frankly, something you needn’t concern yourself with.

      1. RUDY!
        You turd-suckling, cousin-fucking rascal!
        Your son ANDREW asked if you’d stop by the DILDO STORE on the way home and buy him a rubber fist! Extra wide!
        (And no stopping off at Exit 341.)

  1. well, this might be pretty good, if their are FRactures in the Rocking House that are exposed. Through the flesh debt that is always owied to Heidecker.
    Good drama.

    1. Overreaction. I encourage you – and everyone – to wait for Mr. Heidecker to release a statement before endorsing or disparaging the product.

      1. I can deside for myself the dramatic without the law getting involved. Does Heydicky want viewers or Not? right now it looks more like a bankrupcy hearing than a network.

        1. Comments like this flirt dangerously close to being libel – I suggest you regulate your tongue appropriately.

          Contrary to your reckless post HEI Network is flourishing on a level that is being praised by all [1] – it’s a fact that has been reported and confirmed – largely due to the wild success of the website’s debut. [2]

          1. Gaynor, J. (2021, May 25). VFA ACQUISITION PRAISED BY ALL. HEI Network. https://www.heinetwork.tv/article/vfa-acquisition-praised-by-all/.

          2. Gaynor, J. (n.d.). WONDERFUL “ON CINEMA OSCAR SPECIAL” MARKS HISTORIC DEBUT FOR HEI NETWORK TV STATION. HEI Network. Retrieved July 13, 2021, from https://www.heinetwork.tv/article/wonderful-on-cinema-oscar-special-marks-historic-debut-for-hei-network-tv-station/

      1. Looks like multiple tube-shaped beefs.
        And the sound of wet meatballs slappin’.

        The first letter of the name of this show should be changed from the eighteenth letter of the alphabet to the third letter of the alphabet,

  2. in prayer for axom…. and manel….. god blessing them from on high..,……….. god gave his one AND only rock to and for them and what do they do>? they divied n it up and when they know they need TO be TO gather. only GOD nows know…..

  3. To all of the Low Brow Individuals offering hot takes – be it positive or negative – JUST STOP.

    Mr. Heidecker needs time to digest and assess the success of this pilot or lack thereof. When you come in hot without a parachute you set yourself up to look foolish when you’re shouting things that could end up in Direct Contradiction to the Mission Statement of HEI CEO and Owner Tim Heidecker.

    I look forward to seeing his reaction.

    1. My friend is a judge (outranks you) and after I showed him this he said it’s legally OK for us to say things about the show without waiting for Tim. Overruled!

        1. you menstion “audobly” bc usually lawyers only emit low decibel evil snicker. Besides their gasses that is.

  4. TV is the death of entertainment. This would be infinitely better in a Movie format. Can’t even rate it on the popcorn scale. Snooooozer

  5. I remember still when they invented jazz music and it was a new thing, see? I lived a few floors up from it. That was better than garbage kids today have in their heads. Dekkar wouldn’t last one beat on a stage with the likes of the Andrews Sisters – now there’s a group of bells that brought home the bacon. Not these punks.

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