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Gregg Turkington’s Classic Movie Time – Episode 3


Gregg Turkington’s Classic Movie Time – Episode 3


83 thoughts on “Gregg Turkington’s Classic Movie Time – Episode 3

  1. It’s pointless to discuss whether or not Gregg’s content is good – it’s not, that’s universally accepted.

    The conversation now centers around what Tim is going to do with this Problem. It’s a Big Problem and it’s Losing Money.

    1. From a legal perspective a Good Lawyer could argue that Gregg is reneging on his end of the agreement. He was spared prison for attempting to murder a peace officer (LaRue) while that officer was engaging in Reasonable Use of Force.

      If Gregg continues to deliver painfully horrible content then he is not keeping with his end of the plea deal. This could result in prison time. That’s where this conversation should center – not on the content,

      1. Craig in this video showed a glaring problem with regard to the running time discrepancy on the VHS tape vs the physical tape. Then he spent the resources necessary to resolve the ambiguity. To me and any reasonable juryman that would meet the standard of expertise needed to pardon a sentence for attempted murder. I personally feel that the jury would be murmuring when that evidence about the runtime was presented.

      2. It seems to me L. Rue (AKA Lawrence Rue) was hired by Tim and is not a officer of the Peace.

        Tim Hadecker has no personal reasson to own a Private Army just to review movies.

        Gregg Turkington should be in prison butnot for unjurring L. Rue but for purjing himself during Tim’ trial to the state of California for lying that he saw Sully.

    2. Well wut is GAining money atterny? This is ALL THERE IS. How many times to I have to piont out the VAst Emptiness of this entire project? Even the melty face skin mask can’t be earning much now.
      Heydecker’s chief problems are hiqs sloth and crack vaping. This shitty little segemnt is the least of his worries.

      1. Predictable response. Your lack of legal knowledge barely deserves my attention. However, as your intellectual superior I’m ethically bound to dumb down the details to where even you can understand.

        Mr. Turkington attempted to murder a peace officer while the officer was using the Critical Decision Making Model. This Model was being used to ascertain the level of force that would be required to neutralize the threat.

        Mr. Turkington’s actions instantly sent Mr. Heidecker from fun loving TV host into a tenacious prosecutor. But that’s where things get interesting. Mr. Heidecker was able to combine his legal expertise with his knowledge of Military Infantry Tactics.

        How did he do this you ask? He utilized the elements of a light infantry force’s L-Shaped ambush tactics which can destroy an enemy force many times its strength. In a military sense, this tactic creates a Kill Zone with Machine Gun crossfire that pins an enemy force down while the Assault Group moves in under Suppressive Fire to finish off the enemy force with grenades and small arms fire.

        So, Mr. Heidecker, knowing he had the Enemy cornered decided to draft a legal document. He did this knowing that, unlike on the Field of Battle where your enemy is willing to fight like a man, that Gregg would surrender due to his complete lack of chivalry.

        Gregg indeed surrendered. However, the ambush is still there. And if Gregg doesn’t respect the Terms of Surrender (TOS) he’ll likely pay for it in spades.

        1. Thank you for your legal and tactical expertise. This really helps put a helpful frame on the events, but I will need to take some time to think about what you shared as a lot of it is above my head. Interesting!

        2. I am not heere to pour through the illegalities of that night. Or to sit whils you heave lawbooks at me.
          I’m just saying it is all built on a tower of meth. amfetimine and italian blowjobs. And that there earnings are at zero.

    3. You’re full of shit. This segment takes all of the best parts of Popcorn Classics and On Location and puts them into one expertise-laden package, and it’s universally acclaimed

      1. Cut down in its prime. The leap in quality from episode 1 to episode 3 was astounding.

        To think where this could have gone, given another 7 episodes. Or even more! 😣

        Have to assume Axiom is to blame? Consider the source. Many questions to be answered. People want to know.

  2. WHOA WHOA WHOA, where did that extra minute go? And how is this going to affect Victorville Movie Time? Since has been gone I’ve missed SO many appointments.

  3. A real film buff like Axiom should take over this series. It has real potential but will never live up to it as long as murderous fraud Greg hosts

    1. All AXIOM did lately was to stroke off into MANUEL’s paisley durag!

      >ROCK HOUSE looks like the floor of an abattoir.
      >WENDY KERBY’s remix of “Empty Bottle” already has more downloads that the entire catalog of DEKKAR combined.
      >MATT NEWMAN is curled and twitching among the fermented piss bottles littering his bedroom floor.
      >TONI NEWMAN continues to project her naive saccharine persona while inwardly plotting to melt TIM’s face off with molecular acid.
      >JOE ESTEVEZ just surpassed Carlos Slim in wealth, making him the 15th richest man on Da Earf.
      >MARK PROKZT has some type of caretaker job where he moves sticks of wood.

      AXIOM just whacks it left-handed!
      That’s his ONLY accomplishment!
      And it’s why his turgid member looks like a QUESTION MARK!

  4. 94 minutes is whatni guessed, looking at the package and the stars
    I will become a gregghead b4 long if tim dooes not step in with guidance, either as a fatHer, or in gaming.

  5. I’ve been saying for YEARS that it was 95 minutes to so much sneering and ridicule. Thank you for finally clearing that up and make me right, Gregg Turkington! VINDICATED!

  6. This post is the fourth installment of my critically-acclaimed segment WARDROBE CLASSICS. I’m EdithHead2022 and in this episode we’re excited to spotlight DOCTOR DETROIT (1983, 89 mins), costume design by BETSY COX. The film features DAN AYKROYD as Clifford Skridlow/Doctor Detroit and FRAN DRESCHER as Karen Blittstein, seen here in their DOCTOR DETROIT outfits:
    This has been WARDROBE CLASSICS with me, EdithHead2022. Good night… and good wardrobe!

  7. I lie awake every night now wondering how I will make it through the next day with what little money I have left. I have lost a significant amount of weight since my money troubles began. I am gaunt, emaciated, hollow-eyed. I make it through my days like a zombie, scrounging around for anything I might get my hands on. My wife left me, and I can’t blame her. After I lost our money, my penis no longer works other than to pass urine. She has moved on to men with money, and working penises. I don’t know how long I have left, not like this. Not without some help. And THIS is supposed to help me??? Another one of these pointless Craig segments that no one wants ever??? Why do you have the most soughtafter financial experts on earth since money began and not use him??? I need JOE! WE NEED JOE! #give usjoenow #nomoremovies #mydickdoesntwork

    1. Hold on to your AMC syock Dr. Bile, is my advise. Then sell HEI! You can also eat dandyloins in a salad.
      I am sorry I am no mister moneys and your penis.

    2. I found myself in same position-i ate bugs (not only for protein but to scare ppl around me from stealing the Nissan I was living in) dandelions are also a great source of nutrition, just eat the leaves though-the flower itself will make you very very ill.. Needless to say after an intervention from my ex-wife & her japanese father & other b-list celebrity friends I wised up & realized everyone in my life should go to hell & it was time to use the big guns..

    3. Get a hold of yourself man. You want Mr Money’s capitalistic advise but you are spitting on America like a Venusian socialist. Without the proper mindset you won’t receive the bounty that God promises to those who EARN it.

    1. The 60 second differential is likely due to TAPE STRETCH physics, which of course is not germane to inferior optical devices like DVD and BLU-RAY.
      Remember: Light doesn’t stretch, it just shines.
      If you try to stretch a DVD it will shatter, sending polycarbon shrapnel into your eyes and soft tissue.
      Also, LASERS are a leading cause of BLINDNESS!

    2. He had the anchor bay release-that company is known for editing movies down to save $ on Cassette film-don’t blame all of VHS for 1 notoriously cheap companies mistake! Thats like if I went to Dennys & the meal sucked so I stop eating.. Don’t stop eating! Just stop going to Dennys!!

  8. I noticed your “Gorls Just Wanna Have Fun” Was the anchor bay release & they notoriously edit movie times for their release-maybe there was a miscommunication & someone thought they were gonna trim it a minute-wouldn’t surprise me….

  9. That girls Just Wanna have Fun wardrobe was designed by the movie’s costume designer, Betty Pecha Madden. Her other moiton pictures include Baby Geniuses (1999, 97 mins) and The Beast Master 2: Through the Portal of Time (1991, 107 mons). She is married to Dick Wicklund.

  10. Girls should be allowed to have fun, but that fun must be safe and chaperoned fun. I wish Craig had addressed the safety issue which is his duty on a platform dedicated to Fatherhood and Personal Responsibility.

  11. Cklearly the back coveR is on VFT timee. (correct time) while th tape is on non-VFT tme (bad).

    So cooL wondeR is Klingtons is Breaking the CoDe of time to corRect bad mistakeS?


  13. What a fantastic episode! The brilliant discussion on the discrepancy between video printed time stamp and the VHS running time was truly gripping. The catharsis felt when it is finally revealed that the tape was actually watched and the true time discovered and verified first hand is the kind of thorough analysis we’ve come to expect from such a great commentor of the industry as the Expert (with a capital E) Gregg Turkington.

    This episode earns the highest merits at 5 bags of the popped corn 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿 and a golden star 🌟

    Well done. I don’t think this episode could possibly be topped.

  14. This is the kind of content that I’m happy to support with my hard earned dollars. Learning about all time greats like girls just want to have fun helps fill the void of not going to the movies.

  15. Gregg, you did it again! Another informative video about a classic movie with the inside scoop in where it was filmed. I just have one question: if I was very very small, small enough to be accidentally rolled up in a piece of tomato inside of Jimmy McNichol’s sandwich, would he eat the sandwich, even if, at the last minute, he saw me inside it, screaming for mercy?

  16. I’ve had a new installment of WARDROBE CLASSICS ready for a week and I’m waiting for HEI to get off their butts and put up some new content so I can post WARDROBE CLASDICS and people might actually see it instead of me posting it here at the bottom of some two week old shit nobody visits anymore. No disrespect.

  17. I am repulsed at the treatment of Gregg and his expertise under the dictatorship of HIE Network inc. Under the right platform and distribution Gregg could easily become a household name due to his trustworthy opinions for cinema enthusiasts world wide. We at HIGH INC plan on aquiring Gregg by buying out his contract with HIE inc. Our lawyers here at HIGH INC will be in contact with your sham media outlet by next Monday. This nonsense has to stop.

  18. So apparently the entire season of ROCK HOUSE has been leaked thru an online Russian torrent . . .

    And fully 80% of the content is nothing but FROTTAGE.
    >Sweaty lats, traps, and abs.
    >Glistening tan-lined taints.
    >And LOTS and LOTS of swordfights.
    (It’s disgusting, but I’m going to watch the entire thing again just to be sure.)
    SEAN HANNITY is gonna be ALL OVER this . . . like stank on shit.
    Mark m’words . . . TIM’s HEI Network has gone full Chatsworth softcore!

  19. This is like the Revenge of the Sith (2005, 140 minutes) of Classic Movie Time, it takes what made the first two great and makes it even GREATER. LOVE THE BUFF!

  20. This week I thought about Classic Movie Time. Sad times that we live in That We cant even have a Classic Movie Time in this day And Age.

  21. I can’t believe this is the last Classic Movie time we’ll get to see. Tim and Axiom should give Greg the time he deserves to continue pumping out great content for us movie buffs.

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