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On Cinema Summer Preview (Audio Only)


On Cinema Summer Preview (Audio Only)


115 thoughts on “On Cinema Summer Preview (Audio Only)

    1. The Vehcile Identificatin Nubner system was adopted after his role in the origianl Fast Movie starrring Vin Deisel as an homage to his role in the fiim as Ving Diesle

    2. Yep. His birth name was MARK SINCLAIR.
      People think he changed it to honor his favorite car numbering system and his favorite engine type.
      In reality, he changed it to honor his grandfather VINYARD and his favorite clothing brand.
      Another Fun Fact:
      Just like MARK WAHLBERG is a convicted violent felon who can’t even legally use the guns he brandishes in his films, in real life VIN DIESEL doesn’t own a driver’s license and can’t swim or ride a bike!

    1. Eye in the skye found that the cassettes were due to be releesed when some dummass walked throo the factory with a bunch of magnits

  1. Wow nice to see HEI Network being so grasious and letting Greg talk movies! Tim, you are such a pioner in media and I’m so happy to be a founding HEI member!

  2. Always a great treat when Gregg is able to share some of his expertise. Can’t wait until he becomes an official full time member of hei!

  3. More bullsh!t movie crap that no one in the world ever cares about??? Where’s Joe Moneyman Estevez? What’s the point of having one of the world’s leading finance experts on board if you don’t utilize him??? I need his advice ASAP!!! Vincent Diesel is not going to help me get out of my severe credit card debt!! Please, no more movies!!!!!

      1. Oh shit I accidentaly bought indium instead the periodic table is so confusing. I bought some useless worthless metal instead of gold.

  4. Without this breathtaking display of expertise, I would never have linked M Night’s “Old” to its obvious forebear “On Golden Pond.” We are blessed to be alive to receive such wisdom!

        1. The harder they come, the harder they fall
          I never say maybe and
          I GO FOR IT ALL!

        2. With all this it seems, like I’m dying for more
          The streets are on fire, never seen it before!

  5. There’s no way Axiom could provide the level of expertise that Gregg brings to the table here. It’s time to reinstate Gregg as the permanent Mister Movies.

  6. I know Tim has a very busy schedule being President of HEI and Axiom wasn’t quite up to the task, but I think he may have acted a bit too hastily in appointing Gregg (I think I’ve seen him on the show before…) Temporary President of Movies. Guy seems like a loose cannon and I understand he has a body count. Very shady…Tim better watch out this season…

    1. This just proves that you aren’t a REAL On-Cinema fan. Gregg has been a REGULAR guest, and has appeared in MOST episodes. He was in fact named CO-HOST during the second annual Oscar Special. Put some respect on his name.

      1. I’m sorry I snapped. That was inappropriate. I value your membership in the HEI network, and you did pick up on Gregg’s “loose cannon” wild nature, so you must be very observant. Just… try to re-watch some popcorn classics if you have some time.

      2. He was NEVER named co-hos during second annual! On Cinema special oscer… Greg… was named co-host for the THIRD special… and it was REVOKED after h,e betrayed TIM by aligning himself with the ugly idiot… Ant Man director!!

  7. So excited to see Peter and Bugs starring in new movies this summer! Gregg was so right, there’s another TWO for you: Peter RABBIT and Bugs BUNNY, two rabbits, kind of like the “snake eyes” of the rabbit world if you will.

  8. You know, it’s been a hard year, with terrible stress put on seemingly reliable institutions. It’s heartening to see these two at it again – firing on ALL cylinders – looking ahead to the summer with keen expertise and critique. The rapport is just electric!

    Great to have you both back at it again! A more perfect dynamic duo hasn’t been seen since CASABLANCA – “I think this is the NEW start of a beautiful friendship.”

  9. If the Fast and Furious was direct by Josh Trank, VIN wouldnt of have to change his name. Instead, he could of just bribe Josh with $10,000 like Tim did in the Fantastic Four and the Furrious (2105, 100 minites).

  10. I always look forward to expertise such as Gregg but where is the mention of wardrobe? Without wardrobe, mpvies as we know them could not exist.

    1. It is all speculation, as he himself said. Movie studios doe not release important information about run time ahead of time. Folhardy to get too excited about the potential for Space Jam nailing 100.
      Sorry to prick Your Balloon.

  11. Watching with interest, Tim knows that without Gregg it all falls apart, where Tim thinks HEI usurped the VFA, the VFA really actually took over HEI

      1. /\GOOD POINT!
        Tim does seem to posses the macro-eagle view from eighty thousand feet that is able to perceive ALL the topography BOTH fore and aft whilst cruising forward at Mach 3+ with glowing chines and a thundering sonic boom ravaging every valley in his wake.

        Plus, he can think in Russian.

        FIREFOX (1983, 136 min) six bags, Comrades!

    1. Agree with Eleanor. I just wish those values weren’t “under” “attack” by Joe Budden and his commies on capital hill!

  12. While Gregg correctly pointed out that a large part of why Roger Moore was selected to play Bond is because of the ‘oo’ in his name, I am surprised he didn’t mention the origin of 007 in the first place (although I guess this is widely known so he didn’t have to). In England they often refer to the number 0 as ‘nought’. Connery has two n’s for nought-nought or 00. Connery also has 7 letters, so we get ‘007’.

  13. Stupendous. Not only a brim-filled tour-de-force of timely movie information and expertise, but, on a more artistic level, a deep meditation about the meaning and importance of humanity’s oldest and most sacred craft.

  14. You can really see the Decker effect on these summer movies and the influence of Decker overall on the film industry. LET’s GO DECKER THE MUSICAL!

  15. i remain skepticl and abused. Heidekkar is 0ver his head and so far, Nothing! No dancing with toni, no FATtherjood or gaming. Nothing but gassy words and almost useless movies.
    I say ALMOST useless becuz I go to Vegas to bet AGAINST Terkyington’s prediction of 100 minites for Space Jam 2. That loozer is a monument to Wrong and so i will win coin.

  16. This is the kind of movie content you can’t not get anywhere else. James Cordon could become the first person ever to host and win Oscar Gold in the same night for his work in “PR2”

  17. wow. does anyone else remember the original on cinema episodes were audio only? podcast style? like 2013 or maybe Earlier or am I tripping…I member

  18. This is absolutely the best value in entertainment. It’s about time we got some values-focused entertainment for a thirsty, wayward world. #WWJD

  19. All this talk about VIN makes me also think about how some cars have DIESEL fuel. I hope in this upcoming F9 (should be F10) that Vin only drives Diesol cars to stay on point with his name. And of course the series will never be the same without Paul Driver. RIP.

    1. The real problem comes once they make F12.
      Remember . . . the FUNCTION keys on a standard computer keyboard only go up to F12!
      So now that they’ve made FUNCTION 9 (really FUNCTION 10 as Craig adamantly points out), they’ve only got F11 and F12 until they hit the brick wall of QWERTY reality!

      If–as Mr. Movies asserts–we’re getting 100 FAST & FURIOUS films in the future, then the producers will encounter some very serious nomenclature issues in short order.

      Considering this is a MULTI-BILLION dollar franchise, I would expect to see computer makers like Apple and Dell start making keyboards with possibly hundreds of FUNCTION keys. Life often imitates ART.

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