***Spoilers from the 9th Annual Oscar Special below***

Thank you all for tuning in to the special Sunday. A wonderful time was had by all. Unfortunately, a group of terroristic naybors from the area decided it would be “funny” to terrorize us during the broadcast, of which I have a zero tolerance policy for.

I bravely stood up to these thugs and was injured badly in hand to hand combat. I will recover but many of my ribs had been shattered. I am now living IN EXILE away from my ranch with orders from the thugs to remain away or face more severe violence which is against the law yet I believe there is corrupt collusion between the terrist and the local authors.

LaRough who was a failure at his post in every way possible, tipped into a ditch and was taken to a hospital where he remains in serious condition doo to dehydration and being in the cold mud all night. All other members were evacuated safely in George Turkigton’s dirty and exposed van, thanks to the cover I provided them.

Earlier mark Proch fell down the hell and broke his tailbone and his neck I think but will be fine. He is a fighter.

Thank you to Mr. Tomato for making this night possible!

You’re Hei Points should be restored shortly.