Emergeny Statement

Good Afternoon and Thank you to all who attended the Emergecny Hei Network Seminar this weekend in Portland Orgeon.  As many of you know I was part of the Platnium Leadership team that made AmatoCom 2024 Largely a big success except for a major unplanned incident that occured near the end of the Convenchion.  I was assaulted by one of our minor employees for no reason and I assume that he is now being arrested and if not I must wonder if The Sand Bernadino Police and DA are also in cahoots.

I suffered many injuries witch I detialed during the Seminar:

But I am heeling now and will be back to tip top shape in the very near future.

It’s now clear to me that for no reason I can know of That It was in Fact The Amando Group who is behind the killing of Matt Neman. I asked in the new Dekkar song “Bang Bang” Did He Die in Vein? The Question Remains. And When will we see the answer?

I must now move beyond the Amoto group as in fact G. Amato (no longer my dad in my opinion) betrayed more now than anyone else has in many ways.  I will have more news on this as we proceed to indite him and his operation for the slaughter he has caused.

Thanks to LaRuu and Lucas Gibson Brown’s investigations it should be an open and Shut case.

For now, I can confirm we are seezing all of Mister Amatos Hei Points Immediatly.

Now I will commit my self to healing my relationship with the wonderful Tony Newman and find a way back into her heart. I hope you understand that she and I are meant to be together and our love will guide us through this challeging Time.

This includes finding a way for Dekkar’s newest Members, Axiom and Manual to stay in our country. They are patriots and would be model citzens in my book.

Thank You,

Tim Heidecker (Formerly T. Amato)