I Have Fired Everyone In DKR


It has come to this: I am disbanding DKR. The electronic EMD Group founded in 2016 is no longer operational as I have fired all members of this group. I am reconsidering weather I will continue with DKR or fully suspend it’s operations due to my own issues with this group.

While this is a hard day for all DKR members It’s a choise I must make as my efforts to complete many projects including my book called The Hei Way as well as preperations for The Amatocom Festival approaching, I have no time for any work on the group DKR, although it was in cast a lot more popular that other groups doing the same music.

As far as other groups I still have ownership of, including D4 and Dekkar, I will be assessing who is a member and who is not depending on who I choose to work with.

All members of Decker and D4 etc were “hired guns” with no owndership of the group name, but I may just use the name and hire others to be in the group as well.

I no longer have time for DKR and I also am putting “ON ICE” On Cinema Encore. Due to time commitments with my key note address and my book, The Hei Way: 10 Steps to Un Lock your Sorse code.

And so there will be no more music from DKR until I decide there should be more depending on what happens. It’s a shame it was a good group that had everything going for it. DKR was special, as everyone knows.  But members of the group, made bad choices.