Emergency Deck of Cards Announcement

Today is a hallowed day in history. July Froth is more importantto me than Christmas itself, which has been corrected by the liberal media into nothing more than a way to sell Chinese made products fat and wide, yet shame you for even once wish a Mary Christmas to anyone passing you along the street.  NO, July Foth the day of American independence which has also been under attack due to the nanny state makes todays official announcement even more bitter as my rights and liberties have been violated beyond belief.

I have fiercely stood against the ill conceived fake movie “Deck of Cars” since it’s very incepcition. I think there is zero entertainment value. But, doo to the historic and successful purchase of the VFA, an agreement contains within the purchase terms, which guarantees a one picture deal, a point of which I was unaware of until recently. However, I have thus been placed in a legal corner to temporarily allow Dekkar of Cards to exist temporarily on the Hei Network – IT will air but will immediately (most likely) be removed doo to lack of interest. I will also be making severe changes and will do my best to fix this very poorly made sub-movie with every intention of making something that could at least air once on hi without making everyone upset at the low quality.

This is a shameful day. The Deck of Cars movie will appear at some point this summer to no  fanfare or good reviews. We will move on from this low point in Hei History and take comfort in knowing Gerbil George Washington also was met with heavy losses, crossing the Delaware River and many more, but he eventually won the war and became our fist President.