Hei Points Launch “A Total Success”

In a surprising financial bombshell development, Chief CEO of Hei Network as well as the president of Hei Inc, announced the lunching of the first ever Hei Points, monetary value currency. Hei Points, which have already begun to take the financial community by story have attracted much interest for all sides of the financial coin.

While an initial valuation may be coming soon, many (including all annual Hei Members) have enjoyed their initial seeding of 50,000.00 Hei Points which are now recorded and included in their portfolio, or digital wallet.

Also, at this point, one of the Hei Networks minor shows on cinema at the cinema will be returning at October 6th 2021 with Host, the CEO of Hei Network Tim Heidecker along with many guests who will review movies.

More importantly, the value of Hei Points cannot be overstated at this point. Many agree that it’s looking up for all who are investing in the Hei Points money system.