Hei’s expert on all things movies has obtained an exclusive look at The new character from The new gostpubsr s movie the characters name is Muncher, because he does love snacks, like the original gosh buster characters – Said Axiom, head of movie news at Her Network. This new exclusive look has us really excited for new Gosthbusters moves this year.

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  1. I was REEEeEALY looking forward to no spoilers for this new addition to the silver screen, but this one isn’t half bad. Mr. Munhcer looks to be a genuine star of this new ghostbusters film

      1. The photos of this entity have a very dark aura, you may need to cleanse yourself. I was feeling nauseous and dizzy after seeing this until I burned some palo santo and prayed.

  2. Very patriotic, but I will not be seeing ‘GoesBusters: Muncher’ as I was raped by an incubus in Switzerland so this is just too spooky for me.

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