25 Essential Popcorn Classics Any Serious Buff NEEDS To Own


There are many Popcorn Classics but without a film expert or knowledgable buff to guide you, it’s easy to get lost. Fortunately our team of experts have gone through them all and assembled this definitive list of the 25 Greateest Popcorn Classics of All Time. You will want to see all of these and add them to your collection as well. Yes there will be disputes about titles that may not have made the grade, but for all you know, they are #26 or #27 on the list which means they are still near the top. Fortunately there is no stigma about watching ANY Popcorn Classic, even if it’s lower down on the list. One day hopefully the HEI Network will screen some of these movies at a movie theater they should spend subscriber money to open as there is much demand. The V.F.A. is dedicated to its mission of being the largest film archive in North America and would be the natural source for the movies screened. This is a much-needed resource. 

Maid In Manhattan – 2002

If you love movies set in New York this one is for you. Ralph Fiennes won an Oscar.

Along Came Polly – 2004

90 minutes of fun with a great cast. 

Just Married – 2003

Whether you are “just married” or not you need to see this movie! 


How Stella Got Her Groove Back – 1998

Find out how! 125 minutes and one of the funniest movies of all time. 

Out To Sea – 1997

“The Odd Couple” Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau return but this time they are out to sea. 

Three To Tango – 1999

It takes “Three” copies of this in your collection to “tango”! A master copy and two spares. 


Fever Pitch – 1996

With Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler you can’t go wrong. A Popcorn Classic that will give you a fever…for a sequel! 

Fools Rush In – 1996

Rush In and get a copy of this one. You will want to add it to your collection. 

Gone With The Wind – 1939

The original and still one of the best. 


She’s All That – 1999

This movie is “all that”! You need to see this one. 

Summer Catch – 2001

108 minutes of fun, on the field and off. In some ways this is an unofficial sequel to “Fever Pitch”. 

Born Yesterday – 1993

Stars John Goodman, who we all love! A popcorn classic. 


Sabrina – 1995

Very cool remake of the 1954 classic, but with Harrison Ford (“Han Solo”) added to give this version a twist. 

Only You – 1995

Great romantic comedy starring Robert Downey Jr. from “Iron Man” and many other movies. 

Two Can Play That Game – 2001

Two can play that game, but two can also watch “Two Can Play That Game” instead! 90 minutes but it should’ve been 110. 


The Telegraph Trail – 1933

Acting legend John Wayne won Oscars later on down “the trail” but this is one of his earliest and best, you have to see it to believe it.

Chasing Liberty – 2004

Hilarious and dramatic movie starrig Mandy Moore, and Mark Harmon (“Luke Skywalker” from Star Wars.)

Mrs. Winterbourne – 1997

Mrs. Winterbourne is good to watch in winter, summer, spring, or fall! Watch for Shirley MacLaine in an Oscar-deserving role. 


Because I Said So – 2007

You should definitely set aside 102 minutes to watch this Diane Keaton classic—because I said so! 

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – 2010

Sometimes you need a little action and fantasy in your life, this movie has both! 

Accidental Love – 2015

It’s no accident—you will LOVE this romantic comedy starring Jessica Biel. Clocks in at a cool 100 minutes! 


The Air Up There – 1994

Acclaimed comedy starring Kevin Bacon, and you will not believe what the title refers to! 

Town and Country – 2001

With Warren Beatty you can never go wrong. Keep your eyes peeled for other stars including Nastassja Kinski from “Cat People” and even Charlton Heston. 

The Bachelor – 1999

Chris O’Donnell proves that he is the modern Buster Keaton in this popular comedy. 


Casablanca – 1942

What list would be complete without ol’ Bogey? Here’s looking at you, Bogey!