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Rock House (Pilot Episode)


Rock House (Pilot Episode)


198 thoughts on “Rock House (Pilot Episode)

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  1. PREDICTIONS FOR THIS SHOW (I forget the name):

    >CRAIG TURKINGTON is moving into the pool house next episode.
    >By the season’s end, WINDY KERBY will have changed from corn-fed Midwesterner to LITA FORD circa 1985.
    >The STEPHAN character will be an uber-omega manservant like MARK PORSCHT except younger and more foreign.
    >AXIOM and MANUEL will engage in gladiatorial combat on the dome of the Staples Center with a blue column of light beaming into the sky.
    In the end, there can be only one . . .

    1. I think Axiom and Manuel need to watch out for this Wendy Kirby. I wouldn’t be surprised if getting her into Rock House was part of a long scheme by Mark Proksch to replace Tim as Decker. Watch out Tim!! #Kirbyconspiracy #wheresmark

        1. Mark Probby got away! He’ll never returm to then and why wuld he?mocked and Strangled and enslaved,

        1. Watch the preview for the next episode . . . when MANWELL is skimming the pool . . . who’s that going into the garage, hmmmm?

    1. The show is about ‘Rock House’ not what goes on outside ‘Rock House.’ If you want to see Dekar at the Viper Room, you gotta buy a ticket and stand in line like everyone else, including Mick Jagger.

  2. Nothing to see here. Just a vanity project for Tim to promote his “band”. We want movie expertise and advice, not reality TV and bad music!

      1. I hope she brings Manwell and Axeum closer together just like that nice lady did in the Popcorn Classic YOU TOO MAMMA TIME IN (2001 1hr 41min)

        1. Interesting!
          I got more of a Geneviève Bujold vibe from WINDY KURBY.
          Like in DEAD RINGERS (1988, 115 mins).

    1. Hours of manscaping . . . and the waxing of taintage.

      A southern Italian male grows a taint thicket at nearly five times the rate of an average man (exceeded only by white Australians).

      That bathroom must look like the floor of a barbershop.

    2. Rock Houses are a matter of compromise, much like a Treatu of Versigh or a Congress of Veyena in 1815, sometmes is jus as important – let your rock brother stay in the bathroom for 6 hours a day

  3. This vanity project has a running time of only 16:58, has little movie-related content and is unavailable on VHS. True buffs will look elsewhere.

  4. Well you know what, I went into this skeptical (where is Classic Movie Time #4, Tim??), but honestly, I must say that I was gripped from minute one! This felt almost like a movie, albeit a much shorter movie than I am accustomed to seeing. Will the subsequent Rock Houses be full documentary length? Please keep us all informed.

    1. but No WEMAN allowed in rock house

      ALTHOUGH tekacally, I guess Tim/ HEY Networks paus the rent and TIm demands she stay there, so in that regard, I suppose a WAMON IS aloud in The Rick House, but it goes against what The God Of Rockk wanrs.

      But yes, it IS Tim.s money, rent, jouse, and overall ruless…

      or his wife;s money and Tim’s every thing else

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  5. This show is fine if you like Dekkar music and dinner, but that is not why anybody is here. I hope this inspires the next VFA project to be over 17 min. long. I also think Gregg is using Rock House garage for temporary home of VFA doubles and triples, hope to see more on that in next episode

      1. I’d wager he has a dozen VHS recorders slaved to a Master VHS playing the rarest, choicest gems from the VFA. Probably constitutes 70% of the electricity bill of the HOUSE.

  6. We need more conservative values in these shows so the kids can grow up into true Americans. I hope to see future episodes touch on abortion, God, and getting the evolution lie out of our schools.

    1. Its good to listen to both sides though. Maybe they can have both the christian values that you mention as well as the true rocken roll lifestyile

      1. What about the TRUCKER lifestyle?
        What about the folks who drive ALL DAY
        To be there ALL NIGHT?
        I’m talkin’ ’bout a TRUCK STOP!
        C’mon TRUCK STOP!
        C’mon OVER!

        I was disappointed that TIM demanded a STONES cover.
        I’d HOPED to see him ask A&M to learn some YELLOW RIVER BOYS Heartland American Country tunes.
        Apparently, DUD NICKLES, JR. thinks his britches are too proud to beg & he demanded an outrageously high copyright fee!
        Fuck DUD NICKELS!
        Fuck you, DUD!

        1. “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”
          FAT MAN AND LITTLE BOY (1989, 127 mins).

  7. Just goes to show you that movie reviews aren’t the most important thing in the world. Sometimes it’s all about rock and cooking. Hope Greg watched this.

    1. Its always good to add new members. maybe next episode Jimmy McNichol can show up to the Rock House and he can join Dekkar as well. If the boys are looking for a star they need to look no further

  8. better tham Rolleng Stones

    It’s hard to tell if they BREAK UP FOREVER at the end but the previews suggest MAYBE THEY DO NOT break up forever, which is good. If Manuol can’t control his unnatural ATTRACTIONS TO WOMEN (gross!!!) maybe Dekkar / DRK can forge on with a new guitarist that isn’t SOME PUSSY HOUND. Maybe a celibate rocker like Dave Navarro or Slash? I know they CANNOT COOK CAPARESE like real italians but too much WOMEN RUINS ROCK!!!!

    NOT Wnedy though. She’s OK. NO MORE CHICKS though damn it!!! stupid female ruin everything rock!!! Except Wenddy, she’s alright.

    1. Women RUIN rock?

      >Chrissie Hynde
      >Debbie Harry
      >Patti Smith
      >Christine McVie
      >Stevie Nicks
      >Joan Jett
      >Lita Ford
      >Tina Turner
      >Nancy Wilson
      >Ann Wilson
      >Liz Phair
      >Kim Gordon
      >Polly Jean Harvey

      . . . would all like to have a word with you in the alley out back. Hope you like cracked nuts.

      And . . . since none of us would be here without WOMEN, then haven’t women made ROCK POSSIBLE?
      You sound like you may have suffered a dry-land diving accident, or perhaps vaped Nepalese caterpillar fungus.
      Either way, you’re no Mike Jagger.

      1. None of thes woman can plau good rock. You ptove my point with thes list of women who have rouned rick bands with there makeup and perfyume needs ruineng the tour vans.

        However, Patti Smith is a good writer of books, so that is somethinh

        1. You’re thinking of Patty Smyth aka THE WARRIOR.

          And you speak like a child born of Cesarean section:
          As everyone knows, a man who does not pass through the loins of a woman is born without a SOUL.
          If you’re a ginger & a C-section, then you have NEGATIVE SOUL.
          If you’re a ginger, a C-section, AND you become a lawyer, then you’re so SOULLESS that you should just kill yourself as quickly as possible . . . there’s nothing in your vessel.
          You are an eternally EMPTY BOTTLE, never to be filled up even once.

        2. (I’d love to see WINDEE KURBEE do a cover of “The Warrior” by-the-bye.)

  9. This showed the kind of true integrity we have come to expect from Dekkar, sticking with their promise of making dinner and also taking the time to learn such a complicated song as wild horses. And the song and the sauce were both good

  10. This is probably one of the best episodes of televisoin I’ve ever seen. Dee was right – the sauce was good and the song was great.

    6 bags and a little acoustic guitar.

    1. If something sends a chill down your spine or sends chills down your spine, it makes you feel very excited and emotional. It is one of the things I have a real passion for and just talking about it sends a chill down my spine. Stay tuned for more updates to the Electric Sun Desert Music Festival, be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to HEI Network!

  11. From the instant I heard the opening drum chords of the classic rock and roller “Empty Bottle”, I knew this was going to be something special. Unlike any other reality show out there– completely unique! Great tunes, great food, great friendship and most importantly, NO Bullsh!t Movies!!! just real life rock and roll from the masters. I hope they make seasons on seasons more. But I would also like to see a show called Money House, staring the financial wizkid Joe Estevez. I need that show, so it can help me shovel my way out of my severe debt and one day be able to purchase a house in the Hollywood mountains and pursue my Rock dreams just like Ax and Manny!

  12. i think a certian member, whose name rhymes with Bim, is creating all this drama.. Man and Ax need to ditch him and rename the act.. um.. Man and Ax!

    1. #1?
      >TIM’s the BOSS.
      >And ye shall cradle the biscuits, stroke the shaft, and swallow the HOT ‘N’ HARD gravy if ye wish to receive the golden approbations of TIM’s transactional luv.

  13. Wow, looking great boys! I think that house is not too far from Jimmy McNichol’s house, if I’m not mistaken? Maybe you guys could invite him over for dinner one night and play a fun game like betting whether or not he would eat me if I was as small as a fly and ended up getting stuck in his spaghetti and meatballs and he only noiticed me at just the last moment.lldo you think he would go ahead and eat me or would he save mylife

  14. A great show abiout rock n roll and the hipsters of LA! Where other “realty” shows dip thire toes in the waters of real like fock in rioll, this one dives deep!

  15. Tim really needs to bring back EMPTY BOTTLE I feel really sad as a HEI customer at the small amount of EMPTY BOTTLE in this episode of ROCK HOUSE – 5 bags

  16. Isn’t it rather dubious that Tim never shows his face in the RH pilot? Wonder why that could be? Maybe too embarrassed to show his face after gutting HEI of any content actually worth watching (classic movie time)??? Methinks we have a regretful CEO on our hands…

    Great pilot though, keep on rockin’ Rock House boys! Love the dynamic of Wendy in the house. A Girl living with men? What?! LOL!

  17. Any bets on how long before TIM sends MATT NEWMAN over to ROCK HOUSE as well?

    He’s already revealed his barely contained contempt for the Game-and-Dew addicted, socially retarded mama’s boy.
    And we know he’s sick of the piss bottles stacked like bowling pins all over MATT’s room.

    THE ROCK HOUSE desperately needs a DRUMMER.
    (How the fuck can one ROCK without drums?)
    Too bad MATT’s only skills involve first-person-shooter make-believe pixels-on-a-screen kiddie shit.
    I’d say give him some sticks and put him behind a kit, but he appears to have already ingested too much lead in utero to even pass as a drummer (very low bar).

    Nonetheless, I bet TIM kicks the little Damian over to ROCK HOUSE to answer his Call Of Duty there.
    Where he will fill up his piss bottle . . . AGAIN!

  18. What a misleading title. I would’ve appreciated an appearance from Dwygne Jonsson or even some kind of philosophy stone as featured in the Harry Boulder movie with the same name (2001, 159 minutes)

  19. There’s not enough discussion about the running time of music. I’m not sure I can get behind a show that’s not willing to go in depth about what’s important in the music.
    Just how long IS Wild Horses? There’s just no way to ever know.
    This pilot is a failure.

    1. Hello! According to Mick Jagger, the only truly wild horses in existence today are the Przewalski’s horse native to the steppes of central Asia. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to HEI Network for updates on Electric Sun Desert Music Festival!

  20. Woukd be really fun if there was a timer, maybe even set to VFA time where every five minutes to an hour an alarm sounds and a selection screen cones up with songs and everyone chooses a song and the most gets plated by Dekkar at that moment on a stage in tge hoyse!! Rock on!

    1. Hello! Tim Heidecker is not a resident live in of ROCK HOUSE so this show can not be about him (although he is a main character). Please like and subscribe to HEI Network for updates on Electric Sun Desert Music Festival!

  21. Really good wardrobe in this to make tributes to costume glories of classics past.

    Manual=Judge Nelson in The Breakfast Club (1985, 97 mins, costume designer Marilyn Vance)

    Axiom=Marlon Brando in The Wild One (1953, 79 mins, costume designer uncredited [boo!])

    Kerby=Lily James in Cinderela (2015, 114 mins, costume designer/Oscar winner Sandy Powell)

    Rock House is powered not only by a love of rock but also of motion pictures, and have the power to hold up a mirror to our self!

  22. By the way Tim you can use that as a blurb for Rock House if you want. You have my blessing\.

    “Rock House is powered not only by a love of rock but also of motion pictures, and have the power to hold up a mirror to our self!”–EdithHead2022

  23. We let a girl into our World of Warcraft guild and our cohesion and bortherhood was destroyed even tho she was a great healer it was the worst move ever.

    1. Very true and relatable. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to HEI Network for updates on Electric Sun Desert Music Festival!

  24. This movie tought me a lot today. About cooking and music and fatherhood as well

    Loving the content so far, you are a natural (That’s you manuel!)

  25. I’d still rather pop in a popcorn classic than hang around and strum on guitars, but I am big enough to admit that Axiom has the voice of a Michael (Ephron/angel reference).

  26. Tims incredible production talents and the plot about Keith Richords and Mike Jagger had me plugged into the TV like I have never before been before!!!!THIS is the kinda content I am paying for better than Gregg Turkington!
    Can we get a guest appearance from Larry Turdman?

  27. Late to the game on this but was not expecting this to make me laugh so much. Manuel and Axiom are both stars, loved the production quality as well. Would happily watch a full season’s worth of these shenanigans!

  28. I loved this when I saw it 2 months ago. no more content? what am I paying for? to watch shit thats on youtube? what a scam. tired of checking this dumb site every week.

    1. We were surprised to see a lack of 9/11 memorial footage. Stay tuned for updates on Electric Sun Desert Music Festival!

  29. Excuse me. Was thrilled to watch the pilot — in July. It’s now October and there has been no epi 2?? Tim canceled the season before the bad boyz of rock could catch traction!!

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