VFA Continues To Dissapoint With Zero Updates In Many Months

Website Creator Gregg Turkington has continued to show zero interest in making a website that anyone actually wants. Many observed that the last update to what was supposed to be a big movie information site has not even commented on the latest round of Oscar nominations has not had an updated site since he added a Mulcher counter. Website observers shook their heads and expressed disspoitment that the site was as a barren graveyard, no one visits it and it was a flop from the start. We won’t see any updates for some time, many noted.

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22 thoughts on “VFA Continues To Dissapoint With Zero Updates In Many Months

  1. What’s the chance that HEI might want to buy out the VFA and put this sick thing out of its misery? Can we get mister money estevaz on this stat? crunch some numbers and do some stock stuff?

    1. Guess all it took was Mank losing to no mansland and a broken body for Michael Matthws aka Leroo. I still hope money estaves aka hollywood joe signed off on this, Tim would need his vast finances expertise for a deal this huge

  2. Greg is grasping at straws. He always just drugged Tim down.Proud Tim never stepped down to his level. tsk Tsk. #abolishVFA #abolishVFT #GreekTragedyOrShouldISayGreggTragedy

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