BREAKING NEWS: HEI Network Website Back Online

Revolutionary streaming service (to be launched in 2021) briefly went offline Monday and Tuesday, as issues relating to a hack involving Minions characters being added to the website were resolved. The site went off-line when lead developers Chris Moore was fired and left without providing key security information for lead technology officer, Tim Heidecker. The investigation into the Minions hack continues with many believing the strike against the already successful Hei Network was orchestrated by Gregg Turkington.  Through a series of attempts and in conjeuthon with Go Daddys customer Service, the site was accessed and secured.  Hei is back! And ready to march into next year as the future of infotainment!

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4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: HEI Network Website Back Online

  1. You deserved the attack! Greggheads everywhere know he is the true president of the VFA and the original, original Mr. Movies. The archive lives on, in spite! of you.

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